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Forging, Machining, and Heat Treating

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heat treating

Heat Treating

Ajax offers a fully equipped forge shop with multiple Forge presses and upsetters for all your forging needs.  A Machine shop with a fleet of CNC machines that can be used for both large and small lot and part sizes. In addition, Ajax offers advanced Controlled Atmosphere Heat-Treating to help complete your product at one location.  All of these departments are housed in our modern factory located in Franklin Park, Illinois.



Ajax is an American Manufacturing Company that can produce Forged products in an open or closed die configuration.  Forge Tooling is Engineered and Machined inhouse to eliminate outside time constraints and to produce high quality Forgings.  In addition, we have an advanced Machining Department that includes 21 CNC Lathes and CNC milling machines.  Our Heat-Treating department uses endothermic controlled atmosphere furnaces in both internal and external quench configuration. We have specialized equipment including Plasma Cutting Table, Robotic Welder/Turntable, and Shot Blasting Equipment.  All of the above listed departments are supported by an Engineering staff that is prepared to help you take your idea from design to finished product in the fastest time possible.

forging machining

21 CNC Machines:

2 axis ½” to 2-1/4” x 20”

2 axis 2” to 24” Rd x 157”

4 axis 2” to 14” Rd x 60”

4 axis ½” to 2-3/4” Rd x 15”

4 axis ½” to 2” X 36”

4axis 1” to 6” X40”

CNC Milling:

2-3 axis 14” x 18” tables with indexing head

2-3 axis 18” x 26” table with pallet shuttle

1-3 axis 18” x 26” High speed mill for machining hardened dies


forging machining
forging equipment

Specialized Equipment

  • Plasma Cutter: Cutting table bed is 10 feet x 20 Feet, and can cut up to      1-1/4” thick steel plate.

  • Robot Welder: with turntable for production welding.

  • Feed through steel shot Belt Conveyor Blaster: Can blast parts up to 7” Rd x 8 feet Long

  • Cold Bar Shearing from ½” to 3” Diameter x 24” Long

forging equipment


  • Forging Upsetters: 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2-1/2”

  • Forging Mechanical Presses with Induction Heat 200 Ton, 500 Ton, 1000 Ton, 1600 Ton

  • Rotary and Stationary Swaging up to 1-1/4" Round/Hex

  • Open Die and Closed Die

heat treating.jpg
heat treating.jpg


  • 18” high x 24” wide x 36” long basket Endothermic Radiant Tube Gas Furnace Internally Quenched medium quench oil quench, 800-pound capacity.

  • 18” high x 48” wide x 72” long grid Endothermic Atmosphere Furnace Externally Quenched medium quench oil.  Can heat treat and quench up to 84” long parts up to 5,000-pound loads



  • Mastercam

  • AutoCAD

  • Solidworks

  • Delcam Powershape 3D Modeling

  • Camtool

  • Gibbs Cam

  • Machine close tolerance work, audited by CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), allowing for certification of Quality Control".

  • ISO 9001 Certified


Founded in 1946 Ajax built on its expertise in forging, machining, and heat treating.  Ajax offers a modern manufacturing facility including advanced production equipment. Over the years Ajax developed a reputation for offering the highest quality products with a special focus on meeting the needs of our customers.

"Our Reputation is our Ultimate Product"



Ajax Manufacturing Solutions

10801 Franklin Ave.

Franklin Park, IL 60131

Tel: 800-323-9129

Fax: 800-424-2529


Mon - Fri: 8am - 4pm

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